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Millennium Technology’s LED flood lights are high-force, expansive transmitted lights that are generally utilized in open air open spaces, for example, walker ranges, roadways, courts, or for design brightening for vast noteworthy structures or extensive statues, (for example, the Taj Mahal). Vital attractions, for example, the India Gate or extensive suspension spans far and wide are enlightened by this kind of apparatuses. Vast game venues (stadiums, sport corridors, cricket fields) and show territories or live execution stages are additionally lit up by flood lights. Numerous top game alliances require high power flood lights to permit amusements to be played outside sunlight hours.

LED Flood Light India , units are accessible in a colossal assortment of shapes, sizes and power ranges. Littler units, intended for walker territories, walkways or little stages have a wattage of 10W to 60W. They can be mounted in an assortment of routes, for example, holding tight wires, mounted on posts or recessed in the asphalt or in grass regions. Littler apparatus (in the 10W to 60W territory) include a lodging made of aluminum; have a shading temperature between 2700 to 3900K for warm and 6000 to 7000K for frosty light. The units have a solitary 80 chips LED unit and have a shading rendering list of Ra>78. Their brilliant effectiveness is recorded at 90 to 100 lm/W and the force component is >0.98. They have a working voltage of 85 to 265 VAC and a recurrence of 50 to 60 Hz, while the force utilization sits at 10 to 60W, contingent upon the model.

Tried in the most amazing working temperatures with no diminishing in yield, our sturdy, top notch floodlights give exceedingly successful light practically identical to any high wattage metal halide fitting for altogether less vitality utilization. Each segment has been precisely chosen to guarantee the lights to perform without disappointment in the most requesting situations. The fixed lodging highlights an IP65 waterproof rating.  we are also offering a wide assortment of LED High Bay Light In India.

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Lumens / watt






MILFL10WA10wSAMAN1.5-2120°70IP65AC85-265VAluminum Alloy and Toughened Glass112*89*736000-6500K
MILFL20WA20wSAMAN2 to 3120°70IP65AC85-265VAluminum Alloy and Toughened Glass180*140*1106000-6500K
MILFL30WA30wSAMAN3 to 5120°70IP65AC85-265VAluminum Alloy and Toughened Glass225*190*1006000-6500K
MILFL50WA50wSAMAN5 to 6120°70IP65AC85-265VAluminum Alloy and Toughened Glass285*235*1406000-6500K
MILFL70WA70WSAMAN7 to 8120°70IP65AC85-265VAluminum Alloy and Toughened Glass370*290*1006000-6500K
MILFL100WA100WSAMAN8 to 10120°70IP65AC85-265VAluminum Alloy and Toughened Glass370*290*1006000-6500K
MILFL150WA150WSAMAN10 to 15120°70IP65AC85-265VAluminum Alloy and Toughened Glass425*325*2006000-6500K